The Deer Hunter: fra de afstumpedes cirkler

The Deer Hunter

02/06-04fra de afstumpedes cirkler
Her er så nogle udpluk af den afdøde, amerikanske filmanmelder Pauline Kaels anmeldelse fra The New Yorker den 18/12 1978.

Om filmen generelt:

"His new film is enraging, because, despite its ambitiousness and scale, it has no more moral intelligence than the Eastwood action pictures. Yet it's an astonishing piece of work, an uneasy mixture of violent pulp and grandiosity, with an enraptured view of common life - poetry of the commonplace."

"The Deer Hunter is a small-minded film with greatness in it - Cimino's technique has pushed him further than he has been able to think out. His major characters don't articulate their feelings; they're floating in a wordless, almost plotless atmosphere, and their relations aren't sharp enough for us to feel the full range of the film's theme."

Om USA vs. Vietnam-temaet:

"The impression a viewer gets is that if we did some bad things over there (i Vietnam altså), we did them ruthlessly, but impersonally; the Vietcong were cruel and sadistic. The film seems to be saying that the Americans had no choice, but the V.C. enjoyed it."

Om kammeratskabstemaet:

"It (dvs. filmen) is steeped in boys' adventure classics, with their emphasis on self-reliance and will power, and their exaltation of purity of thought - of a physical-spiritual love between men which is higher than the love between man and woman, because, presumably, it is never defiled by carnal desire".

Om karaktertegningen:

"Cimino doesn't know how to reveal character, develop it, or indicate what's going on in a human relationship".

"Unlike such makers of epics as Coppola and Bertolucci, Cimino doesn't seem to want his themes to rise to our full consciousness (or perhaps even to his own), but he can't resist eroticizing the hunt - it's a sexual surrogate, a man's-man wedding".

Om betydningen af overlevelsesinstinkter:

"If The Deer Hunter had been a serious consideration of boys'-book values, it might have demonstrated that they (altså the values) did not apply in the mechanized destructiveness of modern warfare - that Michael was basically as vulnerable as everybody else. But the fact is that Cimino believes they (the values igen) do apply, and so Michael is put up against curs and sadists; he's in a Victorian test of manhood. Hvorefter hun ironiserer over, at instruktøren har opkaldt sin "helt" efter sig selv.

Man kan altså godt kritisere filmen, uden at være afstumpet eller kan man ?


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