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Tomorrow someone else is just going to move into her place. That person could be me.. Ha! There's only one of us who knows how to do Heathers handwriting! And if you think I'm gonna write another suicide note you're wrong!


You don't get it, do you? Society nodds its head on any horror the american teenager can think of, to bring upon herself. Nobody's gonna care about exact handwriting! Look!


Life sucks! It's perfecto. I've got a meaningful marked-up Moby Dick, what else does a suicide need? Now, if you'll excuse me..


Eskimo! Heather Duke underlined a lot of things in this copy of Moby Dick, but I believe the word ``Eskimo'' underlined all by itself, is the key to understanding Heathers pain. On the surface, Heather Duke was the vivacious young lady we all knew her to be, but her soul was in Antartica! Freezing with the knowledge of the way fellow teenagers can be cruel, the way that parents can be unresponsive. And as she writes so elequently in her suicide note, the way that life can suck! We'll all miss Sherwoods little eskimo. Lets just hope she's rubbing noses with Jesus!

Jeg forstiller mig i øvrigt at replikken 'Nobody's gonna care about exact handwriting' blev brugt en del af Trads og Thorsen.


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