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07/03-06Spielbergs next
One of the biggest rumors is the claim that Spielberg will be personally directing the upcoming "Jurassic Park IV." Producer Frank Marshall mentioned to the press that the screenplay for the anticipated sequel is finally shaping up and that Amblin hopes to have the film ready for theaters in 2008. Somewhere along the way, fancy that turned to "fact" that Steven Spielberg will personally direct the film spread.

While the idea of Spielberg personally returning to his hit franchise may sound intriguing, it just isn't so.

Amblin Entertainment told SpielbergFilms.com that, "the 'Jurassic Park IV' rumor is just that. [Spielberg] is not directing it..."

While Amblin surmises that somewhere a reporter may have crossed signals between "Indiana Jones 4" (which Spielberg is most definitely directing) and "Jurassic Park IV," it's also possible that Spielberg's reported hands-on involvement in the screenplay and development of the fourth dino fest also got some reporters' signals crossed.

Then again, the rumor could have been started by someone who just likes to make things up because they had space to fill in their publication.

So you read it here, folks. Steven Spielberg will not be directing "Jurassic Park IV." Spread the word.

07/03-06Spielbergs next
well DUH!! Det kunne enhver da gætte sig til, undtagen personen bag disse spielbergfilm posts...


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