12 Monkeys: Gilliams mareridt

12 Monkeys

17/04-08Gilliams mareridt
En anmedelse jeg skrev på rotten tomatoes:

Terry Gilliam is a nutty director, you never know which kind of movie he'll do next except that you can be pretty sure it'll be wacky, pretty much all his movies deals with the human psyche and the question of ones self sanity or insanity (Fisher King, Brazil, Fear and Loathing, Tideland ect.) 12 Monkeys is no different.

The plot is involving and gripping from start to finish and though it's a sci-fi movie that deals with time travel and apocalypse the characters seem frightening and strikingly reel, I think this has something to do with Cole's (Bruce Willis) psychic transformation and the effects the time travels have on him, making him doubt his goals and sanity and everyone around him as well. Gilliam's vision of the future is dark and moody almost hopeless as is the characters, Gilliam is a brilliant visionary and his shades of dark gray cold tones and the cinematography that wides itself making rooms and places seem strange and haunting almost nightmarish helps the viewer understand what the characters go through as well as develop the story.

12 Monkeys is a must see and one of my favorite movies of all time.


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