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The Sweet Hereafter
Film The Sweet Hereafter
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03/06-08hjerteskærende rørende
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A deeply tragic bus accident has hit a small Canadian town killing most of the towns children. A small time lawyer Mitchell (Ian Holm) visits the town's grieving parents to make them launch a lawsuit against whomever is to blame for the accident. This proves much more difficult as the towns people are much more paralyzed by their loss and griefstrucken to place the blame on anyone, all they want it to try and live on in peace and getting to terms with their grief, leaving Micthell's presence unwelcome. However Mitchell manages to get a small group together including a young girl's family, who survived the accident but left her crippled in a wheelchair, to lead a fight against the bus company. Mitchell himself is pursued by him own demons of the past losing his own daughter to drugs, this pursuit of finding someone to blame for this accident and the anger and sadness he's meet with haunts him deeply.

Thirst things you notice when watching The Sweet Hereafter is the cinematography, which also plays a very important role in describing the movies mood and it's theme. The cinematography and shots of landscapes covered in snow would normally look beautiful and shows us the beauty of winter, yet here it's used to describe the cold and hopelessness of grief the small town and Mitchell goes through. It's a tragic look at a society who has lots the most precious and important thing they will ever come to know. It's cold and gray and far from beautiful.

You could say the Mitchell's actions are selfish and exploits and uses the feeling of grief struck people when they are most vunerable to make his own case and a name for himself, and to begin with his action are selfish, but as we go we learn how deeply moved he becomes of the effects of this tragidy and he himself begin to come to terms with his own true feelings of loss.

There are several scenes that are so gut and heartwrenching chilling including one scene of Bruce Greenwood's character as he's driving behind the bus waiving at his children who in the back of the bus just as the bus goes of the road, in just a matter of few second his face goes from happy to absolute terror, it's just so heartbreaking to watch and I just couldn't stop crying, another scene is of Iam Holm telling a story of when his daughter was bitten by a poisioness spider and how absolutely terrified he was of loosing her, and how he almost hat to cut a whole in her throat to make an open airway to safe her life. Words cannot express what must go through the minds of people who have lost children, but The Sweet Hereafter really goes deep into this theme and director Atom Egoyan passionately and respectfully treats the material with great respect and understanding making one of the saddest heartbreaking movies ever.


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